Transforming a Lackluster Music Video into an Exciting Journey

A Case Study on Ray Guell's "Travel Fast" by Tamara - Video Editor

Ray Guell is a budding musician with a passion for creating music that speaks to the hearts of her listeners.

He had previously worked with me on other projects, and when Ray was unsatisfied with the outcome of his music video “Travel Fast,” he and his producer reached out to me for help.


The client’s music video for “Travel Fast” lacked the creative flair that was needed to captivate the audience.

As a result, the video did not receive the views or engagement that the client was hoping for. The client wanted to improve the video’s quality and make it more engaging for his viewers.

image of premiere pro timeline for music video edit - travel fast. The video was re-edited by Tamara Stampone 2022


Upon receiving the client’s request, I immediately began working on improving the video’s quality.

My first task was to assess the existing footage and identify areas where improvements could be made. I then proceeded to add creative visual effects, fast-paced transitions and incorporated stock footage of Miami, beaches, and warm destinations that complemented the video’s theme.

The video was originally shot on a single camera, which made the footage appear stagnant and uninspiring. To fix this issue, I utilized various techniques to add movement and dynamics to the footage. For instance, I incorporated panning shots that moved smoothly across the scenery, creating a sense of movement and excitement.

Additionally, I used transitions to create seamless connections between different scenes, further improving the video’s flow and engagement.


With the new and improved music video, the client’s song “Travel Fast” saw an upsurge in views on YouTube. The added creative effects and engaging visuals transformed the video from being lackluster to exciting, which helped to increase engagement and promote the song.

The new and improved music video captured the essence of the song, which was about taking a journey through life, living your life and forward movement. The incorporation of stock footage of Miami, beaches, and locations created a sense of adventure and excitement, which resonated with the viewers and the artist’s original vision.

The music video now has thousands of views on YouTube and has received positive feedback from the viewers. Many of the viewers have praised the video’s quality, creativity, and how it captures the essence of the song.

Play Video about image of premiere pro timeline for music video edit - travel fast. The video was re-edited by Tamara Stampone 2022

The success of this project demonstrates the power of creativity in transforming an ordinary music video into an extraordinary one. With the right expertise, tools, and vision, a video can be taken from being lackluster to engaging and exciting, as was the case with the music video for “Travel Fast.”

The creative use of color grading, transitions, text overlays, and incorporation of stock footage, transformed the video from being stagnant to dynamic and exciting. The smooth movement and synchronization of the video with the song’s rhythm made it more enjoyable to watch, increasing engagement and views.

In conclusion, this project highlights the importance of creativity, attention to detail, and the right tools in video production. With these elements in place, any video can be transformed from ordinary to extraordinary, capturing the attention of the viewer and promoting the artist’s work. To turn your video into something great, contact me, Tamara Stampone to edit your music video.