EDM and Pop Lyric Video Production

Elevate your EDM music with mesmerizing lyric video production. Combining pulsating beats, dynamic visuals, and synchronized typography, I bring your music to life on screen. Let your lyrics dance and your music soar to new heights.
Contact me if interested in a lyric music video for yourself or your artists.

Brett Leo Hall - Cinema (Lyric Video)

Ray Guell - Travel Fast (Lyric Video)

Lee Dagger - Making It Up (Lyric Video)

Ray Guell - Lost Without You (Lyric)

Angelica Joni - Weightless (Lyric Video)

Dark Intensity - Comfort Zone (Lyric Video)

Bimbo Jones

Tori Alice - Wandering (Lyric Video)

Droze - Leave a Light On (Lyric Video)

Rock and Religious Lyric Music Video Production

Combining the thunderous riffs, soulful melodies, and empowering lyrics of rock with striking visual elements, dynamic animations, and perfectly synchronized typography. From blistering guitar solos to anthemic choruses, I ensure that your lyric video captures the essence and spirit of your rock music, allowing your audience to connect deeply with the emotions and stories behind your lyrics, get started. 

Council - Get Numb

Wynona Ave- Dancing in The Pouring Rain

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Jenny Slate Lee - Steadfast Love

Hip-Hop and Country Music - Lyric Video Production

Skillfully blending your hard-hitting beats, clever wordplay, and thought-provoking lyrics with dynamic visual elements, stylish animations, and perfectly synchronized typography to capture the essence and attitude of your rap music, allowing your audience to immerse themselves in the power of your words, view more or order a lyric video now.

Lightweight Literate - Walk My Way (Lyric )

Alexa Ayaz ft. Elephant Man - Hey Danze (Lyric Video)

Lightweight Literate - Father Knew (Lyric Video Production)

Tyler Cain - Back To Me

Tyler Cain - Suitcase Heart

Matt Molnar - Mr. Bear