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EDM Lyric Video Production

EDM and Pop lyric videos encompass the merging of pulsating beats and infectious melodies with dynamic motion graphics, vibrant colors, and perfectly synchronized typography.

This lyric music video was produced by myself as I collaborated with an L.A based videographer, actress and producer – Elesha Barnette (Last Life Web Series) to effectively take the song to a higher level!

Together we collaborated on shot lists, ideas, and then I was sent the footage to do my part. I took the amazing footage, imported it in After Effects to create eye dropping visual effects that matched with the beat of the music, I added in additional licensed stock footage and drone footage to produce this epic Lyric Video you see here.

To this day – this is one of my best works. This video was broadcasted at the Artists Album Party on a screen where our work was praised by many music industry producers. 

Rock Music - Lyric Video Production

Combining the thunderous riffs, soulful melodies, and empowering lyrics of rock with striking visual elements, dynamic animations, and perfectly synchronized typography. From blistering guitar solos to anthemic choruses, I ensure that your lyric video captures the essence and spirit of your rock music, allowing your audience to connect deeply with the emotions and stories behind your lyrics.

Pop Music - Lyric Video Production

Ignite the pop music scene with our captivating lyric video production services. I combine catchy melodies, infectious beats, and vibrant visuals to create lyric videos that capture the essence of  your lyrics, allowing your audience to sing along and immerse themselves in the pop music experience. 

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Client Reviews

"It was a pleasure working with Tamara. She was open to my suggestions and proved to be patient and talented. Very happy with the results!"

David Schure

Schure Media Group

TAMARA IS THE BEST! She's the only person I trust to do super inspiring work every time! She is reliable, fast, awesome to work with and elevates my project every time.

Tyler Cain

Music Artist

Tamara did an amazing job with my videos for "Walk Away" and "Fences" - I am so excited for everyone to see this video. Thank you so much!!

Andrea Benham

Grammy Nominated Artist

What Tamara Stampone created for my song was engaging! The video quality was clear, everything was just fantastic. I definitely recommend her service and will use her again.

Charlie Droze

Billboard Charting Artist

Rap/R&B Lyric Video Production

Skillfully blending your hard-hitting beats, clever wordplay, and thought-provoking lyrics with dynamic visual elements, stylish animations, and perfectly synchronized typography to capture the essence and attitude of your rap music, allowing your audience to immerse themselves in the power of your words, view more here. 

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Country Music - Lyric Video Production

Artfully weaving your soulful melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and twangy guitar rhythms with stunning visual elements, rustic animations, and perfectly synchronized typography. Whether it’s a heartbreak ballad or an uplifting anthem, our lyric video production by Tamara Stampone captures the essence and authenticity of country music, inviting your audience to connect deeply with the emotions and experiences embedded in your lyrics.

Religious Music - Lyric Video Production

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Skillfully blending your soul-stirring melodies, sacred lyrics, and divine messages with serene visual elements, evocative imagery, and perfectly synchronized typography. Whether it’s a reverent hymn or a joyful worship song, my lyric video production service brings your religious music to life, creating a sacred space for reflection, devotion, and connection. Ready to get started?

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