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Logo for Creative Video Editor - Tamara Stampone, from Wayne New Jersey. Also known as TS Creative

Music Video Editing & Lyric Video Production

Music Videos I Produced and Edited

Crafting a music video edit is an art that should strike a chord with your audience, compelling them to share, like, and engage with comments.

I collaborate closely with both record labels, public relations agencies and independent artists, dedicated to creating music videos that deeply connect with their audience. 

These music videos were all edited by myself. 

Alessandro - Permission, music video re-edited by Tamara Stampone for Schure Media Group
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Rexy - All Our Lives, Music video re-edited by Tamara Stampone for Schure Media Group
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Lyric Music Video Production

Merging the pulsating beats and infectious melodies with dynamic motion graphics, vibrant colors, and perfectly synchronized typography. I specialize in crafting mesmerizing visual journeys that breathe life into your music, seamlessly blending artistic visuals with your lyrics.

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Custom-Made Lyric Music Videos

I collaborated with videographer Elisha Barnette (Last Life) and an actress from Los Angeles to produce the lyric music video for singer Andrea Benham’s “Fences.” Together, we formulated a shot list, brainstormed creative ideas, and I brought the vision to life using After Effects. The video features a combination of licensed stock footage and carefully edited visuals. 

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