Alessandro - Give Me Your Permission (Official Music Video)

Music Video Editor, Video Editing Service

When creating a music video, it’s important to create a storyline that really connects with the client and their audience. A great video should not only showcase the artist’s talent, but also tell a clear and engaging story. 

Music Video re-edit, video editing service.

At times, the initial version of a video may fall short of expectations. This is where my expertise comes into play. Trusted by numerous record labels, I specialize in refining videos that didn’t quite meet the mark initially, transforming them into exceptional pieces.

Witness the transformation in these three videos: “Give Me Your Permission” and “All Our Lives” and “Travel Fast” These were re-edited by me, addressing the concerns of both artists and record labels and resulting in their satisfaction.

Should you find yourself seeking that added finesse for your music video, I’m readily available. Collaboratively re-editing the video ensures the artist’s true prowess shines through, leaving a profound impact on the audience.

Rexy - All Our Lives (Official Music Video Edit)

Elevate Your Music's Message with Animation.

Ray Guell - Travel Fast

Ray Guell is a budding musician with a passion for creating music that speaks to the hearts of his listeners.

He had previously worked with me on other projects, and when he was unsatisfied with the original outcome of his music video “Travel Fast,” Ray reached out to me for help.

Client Success Stories

"It was a pleasure working with Tamara. She was open to my suggestions and proved to be patient and talented. Very happy with the results!"

David Schure

Schure Media Group

Tamara Stampone has done several promotion videos for us here at Tazmania Records.. The professionalism and quality of here work is top notch. Tazmania Records will definitely continue this great working relationship.

The image shows Mike, the CEO of Tazmania Records, working together with Tamara Stampone to create a creative video project. Mike is shown in the image, standing in front of a camera with a microphone, while Tamara Stampone, a talented video editor and producer, works with him to bring his creative vision to life. This collaboration between Mike and Tamara Stampone highlights their skills and expertise in the music industry, and their ability to create innovative and visually stunning video projects.
Mike Ferrullo

Tazmania Records

Tamara Stampone is very creative, has great ideas and does great work. She has helped me on various projects and has brought out the best of my productions which is what you want when you add video to the mix.

The image shows Giuseppe D, a talented producer who has collaborated with Tamara Stampone Video on multiple creative projects for his artists. Giuseppe D is shown in the image, working with Tamara Stampone to bring his artistic vision to life. He has worked with several of his artists, including Ray Guell, Andrea Benham, and Biaggio, to produce visually stunning music videos and other creative video projects. This collaboration highlights the exceptional talent and expertise of both Giuseppe D and Tamara Stampone Video in the music industry, and their ability to create innovative and engaging video content for their clients. T
Guiseppe D.

Music Producer

Tamara Stampone was amazing to deal with. She was very quick in the execution of the lyric video and very attentive to even the smallest of details. She was open to all our suggestions and really hit a home run on the video.

Pat Reeves (Council Band)